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February 15, 2012

Gears Of War 3 New DLC


Here is some gameplay using the savage hunter and the ivory skin.

First came the Horde Command Pack

Then came the Free Booster Map Pack

Third was the RAAM’s Shadow 

Lastely they released Fenix Rising Map Pack

And now according to @GearsOfWar on twitter they are gonna release the 5th DLC (4th if you dont consider booster map pack) DLC with details airing at 1:00am on GTTV on SPIKE.


Just back from DICE @gttvshow on SPIKE will be airing a preview of the new DLC for #Gears3 this Thursday.

via Gears of War 3 (gearsofwar) on Twitter.


Im personally a huge gears of war fan. I hated gears 2 but still a fan of the game. I got a screen cap of what appears to be raven down which is by far the smallest Gears Of War Map ever made. 


And another map that I didnt bother to take a cap of. I guess tomorrow we will see.







*/End Spoiler*

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