DirecTV Dropping 26 Channels

If you are a DirecTV subscriber then you might want to stay tuned haha get it? Ok so tonight at midnight DirecTV will drop 26 channels. This is taken from their blog

*This post has been updated with DIRECTV info below*

Viacom’s distribution agreement with DirecTV is set to expire at midnight on Tuesday, July 10.  We’ve been negotiating for months and even offered DirecTV an extension past the agreement’s original June 30th expiration date.  As recently as today, we made significant economic movement in direct conversations with DirecTV. 

However, despite our best efforts, DirecTV has rejected all of our proposals to renew our agreement.  This evening, DirecTV provided Viacom with a counter proposal that included a lower rate than Viacom receives from any other distributor in the industry.  With this offer, our negotiations have reached an impasse.

This means that, as of tomorrow night, nearly 20 million DirecTV subscribers will be without entertainment from the programmer they watch most.  A total of 26 Viacom channels, including Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, CMT, Spike TV, TV Land and more won’t be available.

Our agreement with DirecTV is seven years old – ancient by the standards of the ever-evolving media industry – which means that DirecTV has enjoyed way below market rates for Viacom’s networks for a very long time.

If negotiations remain stalled, DirecTV will drop Viacom’s channels tomorrow tonight. No Dora, no SpongeBob, no Teen Wolf, no 106 & Park, no Daily Show, no Colbert, and no Snooki – a regrettable and avoidable turn of events if there ever was one, and an outcome that our team has worked tirelessly to avoid.

If you want to help you can contact DirevTV directly or head on over to

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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. DIRECTV is dropping channels…again.

This time, DIRECTV is threatening to drop Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, COMEDY CENTRAL, and more. In all, DIRECTV wants to kick 26 Viacom channels to the curb.

No more SpongeBob. No more VMA’s. No more Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. No more Jersey Shore. Hundreds of shows you and your family enjoy day in and day out…gone.

Why is DIRECTV taking away your channels?

The fact is that DIRECTV would rather fight than work to make a fair deal with Viacom. In the past three years, DIRECTV has fought publicly and bitterly with seven different programmers. During the same period, Viacom has made dozens of deals peacefully and productively, without a single fight. The record speaks for itself.

DIRECTV is fighting again. Make sure you don’t lose the channels and shows you love. Call 800-531-5000 now and demand that DIRECTV keep Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, COMEDY CENTRAL, and all 26 Viacom channels.

DirecTV has updated their site DirecTvPromise explaing why this is all happening and guarantee’s to get the deal done.

DirecTV’s 5 Facts

  1. DIRECTV is not removing Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, TV Land and the other channels Viacom owns. You won’t lose them unless Viacom chooses to take them away. We want you to keep enjoying all your favorite shows on those channels without any interruption, and if Viacom decides to force us to take them down, we’ll show you how you can continue to enjoy your favorite shows in the interim.
  2. DIRECTV is willing to do what it takes to defend our customers when we believe programmers are trying to take advantage of them. We don’t want to see anyone’s bill for TV service more than double. Some channel owners feel they’re entitled to get exorbitant raises year after year after year, even when the value of their programming doesn’t warrant any increase at all. Whether it’s Viacom or anyone else, when they try to extract more money from their viewers without justification, they shouldn’t be so shocked when we actually push back.
  3. You and millions of other families have helped to make DIRECTV the most popular TV provider serving the Americas. Despite the huge number of viewers we bring to their programs, Viacom feels entitled to demand more money from our customers than they do from other TV providers’ customers. We don’t want you to be discriminated against. You shouldn’t have to pay a nickel more than anyone else.
  4. Viacom and DIRECTV both have to share the responsibility of putting you first. DIRECTV wants to end these threats and disruptions once and for all. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during these negotiations. We can together help to contain these unwarranted increases and continue to keep your monthly bill low.
  5. Viacom wants you to believe switching from DIRECTV to another TV provider is the answer. What they don’t tell you is that no TV provider is immune to their unfair fee increases. When customers switch TV providers, it only makes it easier for channel owners like Viacom to raise your prices no matter who your TV provider is. By standing firm, DIRECTV has been able to keep your share of these unwarranted increases to 4 percent—lower than any other TV provider.



  1. Austen says

    If anybody wants Comcast and lives in the greater Houston area, email me at We have these channels and aren’t losing them or any others anytime a soon! I’m a regional representative in Houston and will set you up right myself or will connect you with somebody who can.

  2. Edmund Soll says

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